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Improves MPG, power, and prevents oil burning-

Keeps oil out of intake manifold and prevents seal leaks.

Note: the PCV system provides the vacuum--- V-Case controls the vacuum

V-Case installs at  arrow--It consists of a check valve and a

adjustable vacuum relief valve see below

NOTE: the PCV is designed to shuts off at about 3psi vacuum


the check valve allows the engine to relieve pressure (if required)

and the adjustable relief valve adjusts the vacuum and allows a small

amount of purge air. Vacuum is provided by the PCV system-and will shut automatically off at about 3PSI -Vacuum can be adjusted to about 2 psi

Note: on some engines the dipstick is not sealed-on these engines

 remove the dipstick and replace with the check valve.


V-case lowers engine friction by calming the oil in crankcase-

it eliminates oil burning by pulling the oil down the cylinder walls.

It also prevents PCV oil from entering the engine. and prevents seal drips.


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see photos below

note: dip stick tube (Ford) with check valve


Toyota with check and vacuum relief together

the check valve is required for crankcase pressure relief (if required)

Crankcase Vacuum is set at about 2 psi   (4" Hg)


NOTE: several engines have been ran for over

2 years--the oil stays very clean and never requires topping.

Since it purges very little outside damp air,

 the oil does not get quickly contaminated.


Power and MPG are improved


required guage--see below 

check vacuum at dip stick tube with rubber hose

note: 1" Hg vacuum = .5 psi (vacuum)





















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