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Des Moines Racing History

Des Moines Iowa Auto History

Des Moines Dragway existed for 11 years, from 1957 to 1967. 3,000 people were there on opening weekend. The Strip was called Greater Des Moines Drag Strip from 57 - 60. Many nationally known drivers raced there such as Art Arfons with his Green Monster Jet car, from Ohio, on 5-13-62



One Mile Board Race Track (West Des Moines) The legendary Barney Oldfield was one of the first drivers to test out the new track. On July 25, 1915, Oldfield averaged 103 mph at Valley Junction Board Speedway. What made the average speed so remarkable was the fact that the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway didn’t show those speeds until four years later in 1919.

Des Moines (Ruan) Grand Prix---Downtown 1.8 mile street  Race from 1989-1994 - SCCA Pro Racing for their TransAm Series.

Greenwood Raceway---near Indianola 1963-1966--3 mile asphalt SCCA National race

































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